How To Ask A Man To Do Something

Always remember these six important rules when asking a man to do something:

Make sure the man is conscious.

Crash the hard drive on his computer and line the bird cage with the sports section.

Be brief! Limit your nagging harangue to two, three hours, max.

Reward him for cooperative behavior. Offer to cook him something that doesn’t have a peel-back cover.

Punish him when he refuses to cooperate. Microwave his remote on high power for 55 minutes.

Rotate 1/4 turn, and microwave again for another 35 minutes.

Use „would you” or „will you” instead of „you’d better” or „do as I say and no one will get hurt.”

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4 gânduri despre „How To Ask A Man To Do Something

  1. cred ca sfaturile sunt date de barbati…:)) s-ar putea sa nu mai ramana nimic din locuinta daca bagi telecomanda la microunde:))

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